How to be a good lover? Suffice to say, this question torments all people with a suspicion of sex life. Moreover, this question concerns both men and women. A survey by The Sun of 1,000 men and 1,000 women revealed the beginnings of a response. This survey was able to determine that having 13 former sexual partners made you the best lover there is.

52% of the people concerned by this survey admitted that 13 former conquests constituted the ideal number. 73% of those people also said that “someone who was 18 or older turned them off because they felt like just another addition to the list.” Also, 77% of men admitted that they were ready to have sex on the first date, against only 39% for women.

Too many sexual partners is prone to rejection

The report of the investigation obtained by The Sun, but carried out by, revealed that having too many sexual partners was not an asset. “A high number of sexual partners is a push factor for many,” says Jessica Leoni, spokesperson for “Nobody wants to be just another notch on the bedpost,” she adds.

Jessica Leoni also confides that having too many sexual partners does not necessarily attract. “Similarly, we don’t want to date someone who has barely any experience – that’s a recipe for sickly awkwardness,” she asserts. “Thirteen is the ideal number and guarantees that the person will be experienced, adventurous and open-minded between the sheets,” she concludes.

Couples: why those with 13 former sexual partners are the best lovers © Pexels

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