Couples: when menopause upsets libido

Hot flashes, weight gain, menopause is often linked to the appearance of many inconveniences. This hormonal upheaval is also accused of disrupting libido. Well Named ? Libido is often associated with decreased libido. Not necessarily right to believe some scientific studies.

American researchers assessed how the transition to menopause impacted the sexuality of more than 3,200 women over 40. According to the findings, gender remained “very important” for a quarter of postmenopausal women. A little less than half (45%) admit that sex was less frequent. “Unlike previous literature reporting that the importance of gender decreases as women move through their forties, we found that for a quarter of women, gender remains very important to them throughout their forties,” said summarized the lead author of this study published by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

Loss of libido vs regained desire

Physically, menopause leads to a drop in estrogen levels, vaginal dryness, loss of elasticity, and a local change in acidity level. These are all changes that can make intercourse painful. It is essential to consult your doctor to discuss these various inconveniences and try to find solutions. For example, hormone replacement therapy and lubricants can be used.

Obviously, the consequences of menopause vary depending on the woman. While some experience an increase in sexual activity during this time, other women experience a change in libido. The opportunity for the couple to meet again, to (re) discover their sexuality, to experience new things.

This analytical work revealed that for about a quarter of postmenopausal women, sex remained “very important” to them after 40 years. Almost half of the participants (45%) admitted intimate intercourse was important in their early 40s and then became less and less so over time. For example, only 28% of American women surveyed felt that sex was of little importance after menopause.

Menopause still a taboo subject © Alex Green / Pexels

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