The review Sexuality & Culture, cited by Grazia magazine, published an American study on the relationship between the size of a man’s penis and his personality. A priori, men who have a genital organ of generous size would be extravagant and attractive people. On the contrary, the people least spoiled in their private parts would be introverted and shy people. According to this American study, men with small penises would also be less efficient. On the other hand, men endowed with fine sex tend to be neurotic.

A priori, the size of the penis really counts and according to the result of this study cited by Grazia, it would be the large penis which would be associated with the best features. However, it should be noted that the author of this study interprets the result differently. To understand his point of view, it is necessary to understand the course of the study. In fact, Thomas R. Books and his researchers offered a panel of 106 people 24 “dickpics” or pictures of penises.

Penis size says a lot about personality: guesswork

The panel was made up of 80% women and 20% men. The latter were asked to associate the male sexes – of different sizes – with potential personality traits. Thomas R. Brooks said the biggest lesson to be learned from this experience is that people are judged and evaluated when they share photos of their genitalia. In short, this study allowed its author to deduce that when faced with a dickpic, people are led to judge or speculate on the personality of the person who sent them this photo.

Couples: what the size of a man's penis says about him

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