When winter arrives, single people want to find love to get through this psychologically difficult season. But despite everything, love has always been at the heart of the research of single people. But a new love trend is emerging and does not seem to put love at the heart of singles’ concerns. Indeed, the winter coating is becoming more and more extensive. It’s about sharing the cost of living that a real romance with the person you want to be in a relationship with. According to a survey by experts at dating site Inner Circle, more than 52% of singles have heard from former love interests.

Winter coating enthusiasts would be interested. “They would be more looking for someone with whom to share the cost of living than a real romance”, can we read in the columns of Grazia. The reason for this move would be inflation. Indeed, faced with the cost of living which continues to increase, many people would like to meet a person with a good standard of living.

Love would no longer be at the center of amorous research

According to dating expert Crystal Cansdale, “This year, with cost pressures rising and people cutting back on dating spending, there’s an added risk that singles will turn to old flings.” This is the reason why an ex-companion or ex-companion could resurface in the daily life of a person.

Couples: what is winter coating, this toxic trend that is gaining momentum due to inflation?

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