You are certainly not the first person or the first couple to have a fantasy of making love in the bathtub. In addition to being one of the most common fantasies, the romantic sequences of sex in the bath are also exploited time and time again in mushy movies and naughty movies. Even in real life, aquatic sex in the bathtub is a carnal event that must be prepared, for which one must think of a real scene.

Indeed, a minimum of organization is required to make this moment a successful sharing of carnal pleasures. It is necessary to take into account the narrowness of the space available in the bathtub, the mixer tap and the hose of the handset which can act as obstacles. It may also be wise to think about not putting it everywhere… or at least organize yourself to leave the minimum of splashes on the floor and/or on the tiles of the wall. After a sensual coitus in the bathtub, none of you will want to clean everything up!

The perfect position in the bathtub: the “Tub Snug”

The best position for having sex in the bathtub is far from acrobatic. We can even say that it is a particularly natural position and easy to execute. To do this, one or one of the partners must sit with their legs stretched out in the tub and their back leaning on its edge. The other partner comes to slip to sit between or on the legs of the first. His back rests on his partner’s stomach or chest. This position is excellent for sex without penetration, the erogenous zones are easily accessible. Nothing prevents you from using a few sex toys that are not afraid of water to spice it up even more.

Couples: what is the ideal position for making love in the bath?

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Maria T.
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