Enjoying the present moment without suffering its pressures and constraints, and above all without worrying about tomorrow, has that ever crossed your mind? It is a more or less liberating concept, in the same spirit as carefree or carpe diem. Imagine that it is possible to apply this concept in the field of a romantic relationship. Indeed, in the field of relationships, situationship is this kind of relationship without the fuss. The two partners don’t really have any rules or limits.

There is simply no question of commitment in this type of relationship at the crossroads of romantic relationships, friendships and one-night stands. If both partners are on the same wavelength and have accepted the situationship, then there is nothing to worry about. This is a relationship that can only work as there is no coercion or pressure, nothing is planned, no goals to achieve, etc. The two partners are in a couple to be in a couple… we are very far from the concept of the traditional couple.

Situationship is to be avoided in certain cases

On the other hand, situationship can be very harmful in the case where one or only one of the partners sees things this way. “The other person doesn’t want to commit. There’s no consistency or planning. They’re not integrated into your life and vice versa, the relationship isn’t very public,” says the therapist Sara Kuburic quoted by Grazia. In short, the relationship becomes wobbly and the person who put hope or simply expectations in it will suffer. To avoid finding yourself in the painful context of situationship, it is better to be clear in your expectations and make them known while learning about the intentions and expectations of the other.

Couples: what is situationship, this toxic love practice?

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