There are many techniques and practices aimed at multiplying orgasms, although the goal is certainly not to achieve orgasm during every sexual act. The erogenous zones of women are numerous. According to specialists, it is possible to achieve orgasm by stimulating these areas. Moreover, it is possible for some women to achieve orgasm other than through vaginal or clitoral stimulation.

Many women have confirmed that they have already experienced throat orgasm. In any case, in terms of processes that could not be more traditional, there are four techniques used by women to promote the achievement of orgasm. One of these techniques is shallowing. Shallowing requires shallow penetration. The technique thus consists in stimulating the area of ​​the entrance to the vagina. According to a PLOS One study quoted by Grazia, 84% of the 3,000 women questioned are followers of this technique which makes it possible to reach orgasm.

Three other techniques to favor to reach orgasm

Before shallowing, there is angling. The study conducted by PLOS One showed that 87.5% of women surveyed practice this technique to achieve orgasm. The technique consists in moving the pelvis in order to find the best angle of penetration and the best sensations. Then there is the rocking technique, appreciated by 76% of women. Rocking is the technique of keeping the pubes of both partners glued to each other. It stimulates the clitoris. Finally, there is pairing. Practiced by 69.7% of participants, this technique is also practiced during penetration. During penetration, the woman stimulates her clitoris herself or leaves the honor to her partner to take care of it.

Couples: what is shallowing, this female process to achieve orgasm?

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