Although it is not always possible to reach orgasm during each sexual intercourse, it must be admitted that it is a big plus that no one would deprive themselves of. Many techniques can boast of making a woman reach orgasm. Several techniques dedicated to clitoral stimulation allow women to climb the curtains even in the context of penetrative sex. According to an American study cited by Grazia, there are four types of techniques centered on the stimulation of different erogenous zones that women use during penetration.

To find the right angle of penetration that has every chance of bringing the woman to an orgasm, she moves her pelvis in different positions. This is the technique most appreciated by the greatest number of women. Having almost the same popularity as angling – the technique just described – there is shallowing. This is a technique of stimulating the nerve endings in the vagina. The latter are very sensitive and are found at the entrance to the organ. The technique therefore consists of performing a shallow penetration.

Rocking: a clitoral stimulation technique

Rocking is the third sexual technique practiced by women. Rocking is so effective that it stimulates a very erogenous zone in women: the glans of the clitoris. To implement the technique, the woman and/or her partner seeks to rub her pubis against that of her partner during penetration. This assumes that penetration should therefore not be performed at a high rate. During penetration, the woman can also stimulate her clitoris with her finger. This technique is called pairing.

Couples: what is rocking, this feminine technique for climbing curtains?

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