Finding your soul mate is the goal of many people in life. Everyone then draws up a list of the characteristics of the ideal man or woman. By dint of setting the bar too high or having too many criteria that very few people could meet, we have a series of failed appointments. Quoting the Cosmopolitan, Grazia reveals the technique of priorating. Laurel House, an expert in romantic relationships is at the origin of this Anglicism. The goal of priorating is to build a real healthy and lasting relationship by highlighting, prioritizing, a certain number of needs.

Prioridating is a technique for finding your soul mate by focusing on the essentials of your needs only. The person you are looking for no longer has to tick all the boxes on a list of demanding criteria. Prioridating allows you to date someone with a real purpose and make it a priority. Priority should be favored over superficial desires. It is thus a question of reflecting on what one or one expects from the other and vice versa.

Reduce the list of criteria to the essential

Although everyone has their own tastes, it would be easier to find a soul mate by ignoring certain requirements. The most essential thing for you may be benevolence, communication, safety or even similar beliefs or common values. It can also be your vision of the future or your most essential interests. In short, priorating is used to find the person who is able to provide you with what you really expect from a romantic relationship.

Couples: what is priorating, this method for finding a soul mate?

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