Some of the men with post-orgasm syndrome can even go into a state of anxiety and anguish because of the apprehension of the headaches and muscle aches they suffer after every coitus. It’s no surprise that these men just don’t feel like having sex. Moreover, post-orgasmic syndrome can even occur after a masturbation session. In addition to muscle aches and headaches, comparable to the symptoms of flu, one can also note the occurrence of loss of attention and difficulty in memorizing.

To these symptoms can be added nasal and/or ocular itching, according to Urofrance. What causes all these inconveniences after love that can even push some to abstinence? Post-orgasmic syndrome is relatively unknown since it turns out to be a very rare disease. Only around fifty cases have been identified since 2022 according to data from Urofrance dating from 2017. Statistics which can be explained by the reluctance of men to confide in this type of disease.

A disease that would be linked to the fall of hormones

During coitus, a certain number of hormones race to make the man and the woman reach seventh heaven. After orgasm, hormones like dopamine and testosterone drop sharply. This explains why generally, a man cannot have an erection and orgasm a few minutes to a few hours after an ejaculation or an orgasm. A decrease in sexual desire is also felt.

In those with post-orgasmic syndrome, this refractory period is increased tenfold. Indeed, it is accompanied by all the symptoms described above. The Urofrance site explains that this syndrome could well have as its origin: hormonal disorders, an immuno-allergological failure, or even an auto-allergy to seminal fluid. It could also be of psychosomatic origin.

Couples: what is post-orgasm syndrome, which some men suffer from?

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