Sex isn’t always about orgasm. Sure, reaching orgasm is a great thing, but that’s not all. As Grazia says, it’s the icing on the cake. To take pleasure and especially to benefit from the entirety of the act is thus the true definition of the success of a sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, this is quickly said! Indeed, it is not always easy to get a kick out of bed. This is why it is advisable to listen to tips that will help you reach the climax of enjoyment.

What Grazia is explaining to us here is a proven sex tactic. Indeed, these are the results of an American study of 3000 women which were then published in the journal PLOS One. Here, it is “pairing” which focuses on clitoral stimulation. This practice is often neglected when it is the promise of a quality and high-flying orgasm. Although we often talk about it, the clitoris is often neglected, often for lack of knowledge, but also because of certain sexual practices that put it aside.

Pairing: simple, but very effective

Pairing is a very simple method. Indeed, it simply consists of stimulating the clitoris yourself during penetration. Of course, nothing prevents you from letting your partner take care of this part while you savor the present moment. It’s all about letting go, but above all not forgetting this so important erogenous zone. To reach new skies, this simple but accessible method will open new doors for you.

Couples: what is pairing, this feminine tactic to achieve enjoyment?

Couples: what is pairing, this feminine tactic to achieve enjoyment? © Pexels

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