Golden penis syndrome is not a new disease that gilds the male genital organ. In fact, it’s more of a toxic behavior, a tendency to put yourself on a pedestal. The syndrome of the golden or golden penis, taking its name from the English “Golden penis”, is a phenomenon that takes place in universities, even cities, where the number of women is much higher than that of men. A priori, the golden penis only concerns heterosexual men. Both the phenomenon and the term originated in the art campus of Sarah Lawrence College.

In this American university, there are 75% women for 25% men. Since the men feel like they’re in a harem and don’t face any male competition, it’s almost like helping themselves to a buffet. Whether it’s to find love or rather for a one-night stand, these men have to do very little or no effort at all. They are in demand all the time and are sure not to run out of conquests that this position goes to their heads. Those affected by golden penis syndrome are proponents of least effort.

Men who are necessarily nothing special

Thanks to the abundance of women in their university, these men, some of whom would not even be good lovers, let alone excellent lovers, can eat their fill. Writer Jon Birger, interviewed by Cosmopolitan, revealed that the golden penis phenomenon is not just about Sarah Lawrence College. While writing his book Date-Onomics, the writer observed the same phenomenon in cities where there are many more women than men. According to a student interviewed by the writer, these men were really nothing special, they simply thought they had a golden penis because they were very often solicited.

Couples: what is golden penis syndrome?

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