The vast majority of couples increasingly practice fexting. When you know that fexting is the contraction of the English words “fight” and “texting”, you quickly understand what it’s all about and you identify almost immediately. Fexting is this practice, even this habit, that couples have of yelling at each other or settling their quarrels by texting or texting. If you’ve done it before, rest assured that even iconic couples like US President Joe Biden and his wife often resort to fexting.

Returning to an interview Jill Biden gave to Harper’s Bazaar, Slate tells us that the first lady of the United States said that she and her husband use fexting to avoid arguing in front of secret agents. According to therapist Cindy Shu, quoted by Slate, her clients say texting gives them the ability to express themselves without restraint while maintaining some level of connection. According to her, it would also be a way for the most introverted, a way to take the necessary step back to reflect on what they should say.

Fexting: a harmful practice for couples

While there can be many reasons for fexting, the practice can be particularly harmful. Unlike a voice exchange, text messages from fexting can be captured. They can be used for many purposes, including showing them to therapists or loved ones. Moreover, according to specialists, fexting can result in communication problems given the ambiguities that can lead to confusion during exchanges by SMS. In any case, it is advisable not to use fexting in the context of too serious subjects.

Couples: what is fexting, this unhealthy love practice that is gaining momentum?

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