For reaching orgasm, everyone has their own preferences. The ecstasy of orgasm comes after a gradual build-up of excitement and desire. Maintaining this excitement can be done by different means. It can be sexual games, the use of a specific technique or even making love in a particular sexual position. Among so many other ways to reach orgasm, there is auralism. Auralism is not a new technique or a new practice, you have surely already experienced it.

If for you sounds can be a source of excitement and exacerbation of pleasure during coitus, there is a good chance that you are adept at auralism. In concrete terms, what is auralism? It is in fact a kind of fetishism, but it is not necessarily. For some people, hearing sounds increases arousal and thus increases orgasm tenfold. It is an excitation linked to the sense of hearing. For some, excitement can come from touch or even smell. Excitement can be created and maintained by different kinds of sound.

Sounds related to auralism

Whether it is a sexual fetishism or a simple preference, auralism can concern several profiles. Indeed, the sounds that excite can be very different from one person to another. More generally, these are sexual noises such as moans among others. But it can also be sounds and noises like music, the voice of the partner or another person. If you or your partner are adept at auralism, it is an important part of your sexuality. Your partner should be aware of this, it helps your sex life flourish

Couples: what is auralism, this sexual practice that intensifies pleasure?

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