This practice, a tad annoying for some, and extremely endearing for others, is far from being outdated. On the other hand, according to a more recent poll dating from 2019, the nicknames “my darling” and “my darling” seem to have lost the coast. “My heart”, “my love”, “my baby”, “my kitten”, “my cuddly toy”… in that order, turn out to be the most popular among couples. But why is this practice so widespread? What is his contribution to the couple’s relationship?

“My angel”, “my sugar”, “my honey” and “my chouquette” ring sweetly in the ear and reassure the heart. This demonstration of tenderness, which can be experienced as a real ordeal for those who do not adhere to it, is not insignificant. It’s one more way to show the loved one that we care about him or her. A nickname like “my heart” or “my love”, when it starts from a real feeling, denotes a real depth of feelings. Cute nicknames can be the equivalent of other displays of affection like hugs and kisses.

Nicknames in love: sign of the cohesion of the couple

Nicknames in love seem to be the prerogative of couples who assume each other, at least when they are used with sincerity, and not for the purpose of manipulation. Signs show when nicknames ring false and have no sentimental basis. But when this is not the case, love nicknames help to emphasize a sense of belonging. This is a “little trick” just for you because, in many cases, nicknames are also invented spontaneously.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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