A sexist man or a misogynist recognizes himself among a thousand by a few more or less cliché behavior traits. But it is above all by hearing them speak that we discover the extent of their misogyny. And yet, according to a study conducted by Darwin Nutrition reported by Neon, then relayed by Grazia, another clue could reveal a man’s propensity for sexism. Moreover, this index would not only betray misogyny. He would go so far as to determine the political preference of the sexist man.

According to this surprising study, men who like red meat are more likely to be sexist and right-wing. The Darwin Nutrition study was conducted with a panel of more than 2,000 participants ages 18 and older, Grazia reports. It is no coincidence that the study also revealed the political orientation of the “meaters”. As part of the study, participants were asked about their relationship to meat, politics and gender. This study has shown that the most meaty tend to be misogynistic and more.

Red meat addicts would subscribe to the worst sexist clichés

The biggest consumers of red meat would adhere more to the worst sexist clichés. According to the study, 47% of men who regularly eat red meat adhere to the statement: “it is normal for women to perform more household activities than men”, reports Grazia. Just under 40% would have approved that “to seduce her, a man must be able to be free to bother a woman he likes”. Some still think that the man is made to earn money and the woman to take care of the home. What’s worse is that some meatheads think that “women have acquired too much power in society”.

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