Many habits that we do not even suspect on a daily basis can say a lot about your relationship as a couple. The way you behave in bed while sleeping with your partner can reveal realities about your relationship. Leaning their backs to each other, whether the distance is important or not, would evoke both closeness and independence according to psychologists. If you sleep in this position, like almost 30% of couples, you both feel safe. Although it is not very romantic, this position demonstrates a certain balance within the couple.

The position of the small and the large spoon is surely the most famous and the most romantic sleeping position that there is for a couple. And yet, according to a study by psychologist Corrine Sweet, only 18% of couples adopt this way of sleeping together. This position demonstrates that one of the partners demonstrates that he can protect the other. Other experts also see sensuality in the famous spoon position. But above all, this position denotes a certain confidence granted to the partner who is in a position of domination.

When the way you sleep betrays a power struggle

If you start by sleeping intertwined and end up both on your side, it is a sign that your couple enjoys both a certain intimacy and independence. Only, if in the middle of the night, you wake up and realize that you are curled up in a corner of the bed while your partner is spread out and takes up a large part of the bed, it is because there is surely has a power struggle between you two. The partner who occupies the bed takes the role of the dominant.

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