Psychologist and author Corrine Sweet conducted a study on couples’ sleep and what it can reveal. The results of his study reveal a number of things about relationships within couples depending on how one of the partners sleeps compared to the other. As part of her study, the psychologist was able to identify 8 sleeping positions to reveal the state of health of a couple, the nature of their balance of power, the feelings of one or the other, their attachment or detachment.

If you sleep with your back turned to your partner and he does the same, it means that you are connected to him and he to you. This is the most common position for couples, and for good reason, it is very practical. According to the study by psychologist Corrine Sweet, 27% of couples opt for this position, although it is not one of the most romantic. Corrine Sweet interprets this position positively. Sleeping back to back would mean that you and your partner are connected. This means that you both feel equally safe.

Couples: sleeping back-to-back or far apart

Sleeping back to back denotes a balance between connection and independence within a couple. This position has an equivalent, that of sleeping with a large space between you and your partner. The psychologist and therapist adds that this position reveals both closeness and independence in the relationship. At the antipodes of this position, there is one where the partners intertwine intimately throughout the night. This position betrays a lack of independence which translates into the need to stick to each other.

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