Many signs, generally harmless and part of everyday life, allow you to know where your relationship is. Corrine Sweet, a psychologist and author, has tried to highlight the correlations between how couples sleep and the state of their relationship. The results of his study showed that couples adopt 8 different sleeping positions. Each of them would reveal different realities. To intertwine throughout the night, it sends back a romantic and warm image. This way of sleeping clinging to each other would however denote something else, according to psychologist Corrine Sweet.

Sleeping intertwined is interpreted as a position that may show a lack of independence. You and your partner feel the need to stick together all night because you lack independence from each other. It is also possible that you do not sleep intertwined, but face each other while keeping a space in the middle. This position would also be a sign that you need intimacy and intimate communication according to Corrine Sweet. It’s like you both keep expecting something from your partner.

Sleeping position: a compromise between independence and intimacy

Sleeping entwined doesn’t always mean you lack independence if you only do it for part of the night. If you start the night hugging and then drift apart within 10 minutes, that means you’ve found some balance. Psychologist and therapist Corrine Sweet interprets this way of sleeping as “a compromise between intimacy and independence – the best of both worlds”. This way of sleeping concerns only 8% of the couples she studied.

Couples: this position for sleeping © Pixabay


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