It is especially the unconscious actions that say a lot about the life of a couple. Moreover, a study conducted by psychologist Corrine Sweet, highlighted the fact that the sleeping position can say a lot about you and your partner. Moreover, this same study was able to determine which position to sleep indicated that you seek independence and intimacy.

Corrine Sweet says couples seeking independence and intimacy typically “sleep entwined at the start of the night and end up far apart by the end.” “It’s a compromise between intimacy and independence. It’s the best of both worlds,” says this specialist. Separating to sleep on each side of the bed is therefore in no way negative. It simply means that you need independence, but above all comfort during your sleep.

Sleeping on each side of the bed is positive

This same study conducted by Corrine Sweet affirms that sleeping “back to back, each on their side of the bed is positive for a couple”. Again, this position is synonymous with comfort. Only, beyond simple comfort, this sleeping position also means that you have confidence in your partner. So there is mutual trust between you if you are used to sleeping like this.

Couples: this position for sleeping © Pixabay


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