Unconscious reflexes are very indicative, especially in a romantic relationship. Moreover, these reflexes are often used by professionals to define the state of the couple. Psychologist Corrine Sweet says that it is possible to know the state of trust in a couple just with the sleeping position. Contrary to what one might think, the position in question is quite contradictory.

Indeed, according to this specialist, the position that shows great confidence in the couple is the “back-to-back” position. It is indeed this position which seems to show that you disagree. However, the truth is quite different. Psychologist Corrine Sweet says that this position or being very far away from each other simply means that there is great mutual trust between the two of you. Although romance is not there, confidence is!

A very common position

Corrine Sweet says that this sleeping position or the position that leaves a good space between you is very common. A study would have shown that this position was often found in couples, again according to the specialist. The reason being surely the practicality of the position for sleeping. According to this study conducted by Corrine Sweet, 27% of couples would opt for this sleeping position.

Still according to this professional, this position would demonstrate a great connection among these couples. She also speaks of great security in the couple. “This position reveals both closeness and independence in a relationship,” she says. If you tend to sleep in this position, tell yourself that this is not a negative point. Although practical, this position mainly reflects your closeness.

Couples: this sleeping position that shows that you have great confidence in your partner © Pexels


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