Sleeping together is a habit that seems innocuous for all couples, young and old included. Author and psychologist Corrine Sweet reveals that by deciphering the way each couple sleeps, it is possible to discover the reality of their relationship, the state of their feelings or even the possible worries that the couple is going through. Of course, it is quite possible to have a separate bedroom or each occupy their corner of the bed during crises. But what’s at issue here is how the couple normally sleeps. Moreover, sleeping apart is not always a sign of a dysfunction within the couple.

How do you sleep compared to your partner? If you have the habit or have the feeling of wanting to sleep with your head on his chest, it means that you are very much in love with your partner. According to psychologist and therapist Corrine Sweet, this adorable sleeping position is most commonly seen in young couples. It can also concern older couples who are experiencing a second flame. In any case, according to this psychologist, this position only concerns 4% of couples.

The position betraying a dependence of one on the other

It is not uncommon for both partners to sleep intertwined throughout the night. This position where the partners have arms and legs intertwined, and faces facing each other would indicate a lack of independence. This dependence would explain the need to stay glued all night long. If you start the night intertwined and end the morning each in his corner of the bed, that means something else! Indeed, it would mean that there is a balance between your dependence and your freedom.

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