Many signs can be detected within a couple. These signs, harmless to you, nevertheless carry important messages and meanings. Psychologist Corrine Sweet, author and therapist, reveals the results of her work on couples’ sleep. According to the results of his research, the way the partners of a couple sleep in relation to each other reveals secrets about the relationship there is in the couple. According to Corrine Sweet, there are 8 different ways couples sleep.

What if you were in a relationship that was too demanding without really realizing it? If you sleep next to each other facing each other but not touching, this may be one of the signs of a demanding relationship. Psychologist Corrine Sweet interprets this way of sleeping quite negatively. According to her, it may indeed be a sign of a “need for intimacy and intimate communication”. It’s as if even in your sleep, you still expect something from the other, specifies the psychologist.

The sign that your partner dominates you

Sleeping face to face without touching each other would mean that your relationship is demanding, a priori, for you and your partner. Another position that approximates this face-to-face position reveals when there is an imbalance of strength within the couple. It is possible that you sleep close to each other from the beginning of the night. But if you find yourself in the position of the fetus, curled up, in a small corner of the bed while your partner sleeps limbs deployed completely at ease, this can betray a power struggle within the couple. The dominant partner is the one who takes up most of the bed.

Couples: this position for sleeping © Pixabay


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