The consequences of an argument that escalates are often irreparable, even if you manage to put the pieces back together. The infallible technique that is offered to you is called “the traffic light”. It was unveiled by specialist Estelle Becquet, quoted by Cosmopolitan. The traffic light technique associates three levels of anger with the three colors of the traffic light: green, orange and red. Being able to give color to your levels of anger allows you to better control yourself.

The green light is to be associated with a neutral state of anger. That is, you feel no anger towards the person you disagree with. If you want to argue fluently, now is the perfect time to do so. You can more easily express your ideas. As your anger rises, you have to wonder if you are going through the orange light. When you feel anger in you, the specialist advises to stop the discussion and come back to a more convenient moment when you will have calmed down a bit and/or to launch a small attempt at a truce.

Take a break when it turns red

It is not always easy to stop at an orange light, so we enter the zone of intense anger, felt viscerally. This anger irrepressibly motivates the desire to defend oneself, to hurt the other or to persist in making it understood that one is right. A discussion of spades and reproaches leads to nothing but more degeneration. In the red, you simply have to withdraw, take the necessary time to clear things up in your head before trying any discussion again.

Couples: this proven method to prevent an argument from degenerating

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