Little things and little details that one might consider insignificant speak of a lot. In the example of the position for sleeping with your partner, it can very well be used and interpreted to define the state of your couple as well as your closeness. A study conducted by psychologist Corinne Sweet has determined which sleeping position shows your level of relaxation with your partner.

This position is the “back to back touching” position. This specialist explains that this is the second most common sleeping position. The vast majority of couples would adopt this position for sleeping because of the level of comfort it provides first and foremost. Beyond that, this position testifies to the fact that you are very relaxed with your partner. “Both partners are relaxed and comfortable with each other. This position is common in new relationships,” says Corrine Sweet.

The “back to back” position is very positive in a couple

This psychologist underlines the fact that the position mentioned here is the “back to back with contact of the buttocks”. This contact therefore speaks of a reciprocal relaxation in the couple. And if you’re used to sleeping back-to-back with a good distance between the two of you, that’s just as positive! Indeed, Corrine Sweet explains that this is the first sleeping position that couples adopt.

Again, couples adopt this position for its comfort. However, this position means that there is great mutual trust in your couple. “This position reveals both closeness and independence in a relationship,” says the specialist.

Couples: this position for sleeping © Pixabay


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