Languorous kisses are more frequent and often end up under the duvet, especially at the start of a relationship when each partner is still under the spell. We no longer count the kisses all the time and the inviting and bewitching exchange of glances. Express kisses replace all that outpouring of feeling once the relationship is well established. And yet, according to American psychologist John Gottman, quoted by Grazia, kissing can be a powerful lever to consolidate the love between you and your partner.

According to this psychologist, it is not enough to know the right technique for rolling shovels. It is especially necessary to execute the kiss for a minimum duration of six seconds. According to him, this is the minimum time necessary to create a real connection between you. Moreover, it is recommended to repeat this kiss for at least 6 seconds to make it a little ritual. Not only does kissing performed this way allow for physical contact, it also allows for a deeper, more intimate connection. It helps to maintain couple relationships.

A six-second kiss at least once a day

For this technique to be effective, you have to kiss at least once a day and make it a naughty little ritual. Psychologist John Gottman recommends a 6-second kiss every morning before leaving for work. Otherwise, you can also opt for a languorous and/or amorous six-second kiss in the evening after coming home from work. Once this ritual has been established and respected, you can expect better harmony in your relationship.

Couples: this naughty daily ritual that helps consolidate your love

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