Scorpio is the most jealous zodiac sign. For this passionate water sign, a two-person relationship must remain so, it is inconceivable for a Scorpio to share their partner in any way. You should avoid giving the slightest reason to doubt your loyalty to a Scorpio. He is sure to have a fit of jealousy. If he is wrong, Scorpio will calm down very quickly, as if nothing had happened. If he is right, expect revenge on his part.

Taurus is a possessive zodiac sign by nature. Exclusivity and fidelity are the fundamental principles of a relationship for a Taurus man or woman. A person born under the sign of Taurus is one of those people who only fall in love after several months or even years. But once in love, the Taurus person becomes romantic while being protective of what belongs to him. If a Taurus man or woman discovers a betrayal, it will be extremely difficult for him or her to forgive.

Leo: the sign that can be jealous out of vanity

Leo is not what one might call passionate or possessive by nature, unlike Scorpio and Taurus. The Lion hates the fact of not being the center of interest of his or her partner. He doesn’t like to take second place in your life because of his pride. A person born under the sign of Leo wants the attention to be always on them. Somehow, the Leo lacks self-confidence, he needs to be sure that the affection you show him is exclusive.

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