If Zodiac signs like Pisces and Gemini would be open to sharing even in love, this is not at all the case for all signs. Some Zodiac signs are so jealous and protective that it’s almost obsessive for them. If your partner is a Scorpio native, expect their demands! For a Scorpio partner, there will never be any question of sharing. This zodiac sign is both obsessive and fusional. Scorpio wants the relationship to remain exclusive.

Right after Scorpio, the most jealous sign is Taurus. Taurus is a possessive being both towards people and towards objects. For Taurus, there is no question of ending up in a love triangle. Whoever wants to taste his loved one must wait his turn, when he gets tired of it. The sign of Leo is known for its arrogance and for its love of the pedestal. A native or a native of the Leo sign wants you to devote a certain adoration to him, and above all, he wants this adoration to be exclusive.

Two other jealous and sentimental signs

The sign of Aries comes in fourth place among the signs that are the most jealous and the most possessive. Eternal competitor, Aries does not like to be relegated to second place. For him, this challenge pertains to all aspects of life. In love, Aries wants to remain the only one and the first in the heart of the person he cares about. Cancer is a sign that tends to need constant reassurance. As soon as he feels emotionally in danger, Cancer can very quickly dramatize and create scenarios in his head.

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