The first Zodiac sign that tends to be outspoken is Virgo. Already, this Zodiac sign is known for its very sarcasm-oriented sense of humor. But Virgo’s frankness can be particularly hurtful when it is driven by a certain nervousness mixed with malice. A native of the Virgo sign can tend to want to impose his opinion on others, and to do this, he can become rude. After Virgo, there is Aries who is known for his intelligence, but also for his outspokenness that bursts the eardrums and cuts the hearts.

The hurtful words of Aries, when he adds his legendary arrogance, can ring in your head for years. After Aries, the ultimate condescending zodiac sign is Capricorn. Capricorn is sarcasm and cynicism personified when they get down to it. The native of Capricorn is surely the sign of the Zodiac who likes to be right the most. His darkest and meanest side is revealed when he is angry and throws out hurtful remarks for which he will not apologize because he is always right.

Signs that are candid, but with a pretense of restraint

If you think Geminis are nice, know that they can tell you your four truths without necessarily hurting you directly during their speeches. This zodiac sign is one of the most outspoken, but he takes great pains to disguise his messages with irony. After Gemini, you have the natives of Scorpio who are sometimes identified as being one of the meanest signs.

On the other hand, the honesty of Scorpio is not free. It targets the right people and is launched only at the right time. When it comes to Aquarius, In vino veritas pretty much sums up his frankness. It’s a sign that doesn’t always express their feelings directly, but after a drink or two, you can expect a real avalanche of frankness and rudeness from them.

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