Zodiac signs like Scorpio and Taurus are extremely possessive and jealous. For them, the loved one is a private preserve, a trophy that cannot be shared under any circumstances. At the extreme opposite of Scorpio, we find one of the most generous signs of the Zodiac. The natives of Pisces are known to have a heart of gold and an altruistic soul. A Pisces native likes to share so much that he would not mind sharing the loved one. It should be noted that the act of Pisces is not driven by indifference, but really by the love of sharing.

If polyamory speaks to you, know that a Pisces native will not even try to contradict you. The Gemini zodiac sign closely follows that of Pisces. One of the characteristics of Gemini is multiplicity. In love, sharing is not something forbidden for Gemini either. This sign is not possessive at all! He doesn’t rack his brains over a hypothetical suspicion of treason. It will even be a subject of entertainment for him.

Aquarius: a sign almost indifferent to everything

Libra is the third least jealous zodiac sign. Libra is known for their affection for their groups and their many crushes. It is simply unthinkable for the native of Libra to undermine his mind for stories of jealousy. Moreover, a native of the sign Libra himself does not miss any opportunity to flirt. Aquarius tends to multiply conquests and this particularly pleases him. In return, Aquarius also leaves a certain freedom to his partner. Do not expect jealousy from him. His legendary detachment even comes very close to indifference.

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