Do you have reason to suspect acts of infidelity on the part of your partner? If this is the case, there are signs to detect infidelity. Besides, your partner’s zodiac sign might even be your first clue. A few characteristic traits can be revealed by the astrological sign, although it is not prudent to generalize everything. If your partner is Sagittarius, a fire sign, know that this is the sign considered to be the most unfaithful of the Zodiac signs. Fire signs like Sagittarius and Aries like to be in the heat of the moment, always out to conquer.

After Sagittarius, we find Gemini, which is a sign with a reputation for being frivolous. Gemini is an air sign. Lightness is one of its characteristic traits. If your partner is Gemini, you will notice that they are freedom-loving. Monotony is not his element at all. He is someone who needs to move. And that’s what he often does without thinking too much. After Gemini, we find another sign of Fire: Aries. This fire sign, like its counterpart Sagittarius, can prove to be a particularly fickle partner. Aries likes to discover. Which can lead him to multiply the conquests.

An earth sign in fifth place

In the fourth place of the most unfaithful signs in love, we find Aquarius, according to the classification of Gleeden. Aquarius is another air sign well known for its infidelity. If your partner is Aquarius and you find out about their cheating stories, don’t expect him or her to feel guilty. On the other hand, he or she will not be afraid to assume the consequences of his or her actions. According to Gleeden’s ranking, Capricorn, who is a thoughtful and intelligent earth sign, ranks fifth among the most unfaithful signs, just before Cancer, Leo and Taurus.

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