Within a couple, all that is routine is a killer love. The same goes for routine in the area of ​​sexuality. We no longer count all the practices and fantasies that it is possible to achieve to break this routine that often occurs in the bedroom. Naughty antics are a very effective way to get the couple out of this type of sexual gloom. Citing the result of a study conducted by the American brand Hims & Hers, Grazia reveals the most daring practices that couples would be willing to experiment with.

The practice at the top of the list is that of role-playing. According to the study, many couples fantasize about having domination-submission relationships. This is actually one of the easiest ways to break the sexual routine between two partners. After the role play of domination – submission, there is voyeurism. Many couples would be excited to watch other people having sex. A bit in this same state of mind, some couples would also like to do a bit of exhibitionism. They would like to have an audience watching them during their antics.

The most libertine fantasies

Some couples are more libertine than others, and it is with them that one can meet the most naughty and daring desires and fantasies. Polyamory is one of the most vivid fantasies among some couples facing a routine in their romantic relationship. A little in the same genre as exhibitionism, there is also cuckolding. It is the practice of watching your partner having sex with another person.

Couples: these super daring practices that can break the sexual routine

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