Men are not all womanizers. Only, all those who claim to be faithful are not all necessarily so. Is your partner a ladies man or is he sincere with you? To find out, the first sign that should put you on alert is his look. Contrary to popular belief, a ladies’ man is often overlooked at this level. We are therefore far from the always impeccable James Bond. However, these details are perfectly calculated. These spikes to give him a childish look or even these chest hairs that stick out a tad, nothing is ever left to chance. The neglected is methodically studied!

There is also his character with an underlined egocentrism. A ladies’ man talks a lot about himself. Being a great manipulator, he often pretends to listen to you in order to have you in his pocket. Generally, he does not have big ideas during conversations, but plays a lot with his smile and his gaze in order to seduce.

Clear signs of the womanizer

A ladies’ man is a good-looking guy who knows his strengths perfectly. Generally, he is never in a bad mood and smiles all the time except when the time comes to leave you for his neighbor. He also has a lot of girlfriends, most of whom are exes. The others will be future exes. However, they always keep in touch to find out where your relationship is at. Another sign of whether your new partner is a ladies’ man is their memory. He often forgets what he told or promised you and will even say he never said anything like that.

Couples: These signs that your new partner is a ladies’ man © Pexels

Lara T.
Lara T.

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