That’s it, you’ve got your hands on the love of your life and you don’t want to let go or take the risk of letting him get away. You tend to leapfrog without necessarily knowing it. If you’ve just gotten out of one relationship and are already in another without going through a rebuilding phase, that’s a sign that you’re rushing things. For you, this new relationship is more a need than a desire. You are so eager to start the relationship that you make yourself vulnerable by granting your trust too quickly.

According to psychologists, this is a behavior to avoid since you have to grant your trust gradually. If you trust your new or new partner from the first days, it is a sign that you are going too fast. Spending the night often at each other’s house early in a relationship is also not recommended. Not only are you skipping steps, you are also encroaching on each other’s space and time.

The most alarming signs

A mistake that many make: saying “I love you” too early. At the beginning of a relationship, we do not know if we really love someone, we are rather in a state of love. According to specialists, we can only talk about love in a long-term relationship, after the partners have had time to really get to know each other. If you are ready to close your eyes to all your differences, it is a very bad sign because you are surely idealizing your partner. Finally, if you see yourself already living together from the start of your relationship, it is a sign that you are really skipping essential steps for building a solid and lasting relationship.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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