There are types of people you should never meet in life, and above all with whom you should never fall in love or fall in love. Among the partners who can be the most toxic, you have the lazy partner. Whether in life in general or in a relationship, a slacker pulls you down. It is often a detestable parasite. We can even wonder how we can meet one, because a slacker is someone who does not like to leave his home. He is too attached to his small sofa and his TV as well as to his bed.

A lazy partner will not make the slightest effort to improve his appearance, to take care of himself or his environment. If he grows a beard, only changes clothes once every two weeks, if he lets himself go in every way possible, you have the archetype of the lazy partner. In some cases, it makes you wonder if you are not dealing with someone with Diogenes syndrome. Responsibilities and slacker make two, expect to wear the panties at home.

Nothing to expect from a lazy partner

If your partner did not have these character traits before, he is surely going through a difficult time which makes him lose his means. So he needs help! Otherwise, it’s someone you can’t rely on. You are very likely to experience a one-sided relationship with a slacker. When you come home in the evening, he is too tired to receive you in his arms and cuddle you. Since he doesn’t have the strength to listen to you for a few minutes, he won’t ask you how your day was. The worst part is that the slacker can manage to make you feel guilty.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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