Popular wisdom has it that we share the same bed, the famous marital bed, when we are in a relationship. However, striving to share the same bed may not be so beneficial for you or your partner. As surprising as it may seem at first glance, incompatibilities can exist between the couple with regard to sleep. Your partner’s practices and preferences may not be compatible with yours. He or she cannot sleep until they have read a few pages of their favorite magazines. On your side, the slightest noise or the slightest ray of light disturbs your sleep.

A cool temperature may be ideal for your partner, but for you to be comfortable and sleep like a baby, the temperature needs to be raised by two or three degrees. The most typical case of a sleep problem caused by his or her partner is surely that caused by his or her snoring. However, there can be many other sleep incompatibilities in a couple such as one prefers or needs a firm mattress while the other prefers soft mattresses.

Make a separate bedroom to be happier as a couple

In the event that it is not possible to reconcile your needs with those of your partner in terms of sleep, having a separate bedroom is quite possible. The quality of sleep is very important whether it is for you or for your partner. The option of a separate room allows you to enjoy better nights and good restorative sleep. We must not forget that poor quality of sleep can be the cause of health problems such as depression. What could harm your couple!

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