Growing old together, we often have this ideal in mind when the relationship has just started and when the flame is so ardent. We project ourselves into the future, and we imagine different phases of the life of the couple. We see each other old lady and old man, but still in love. This kind of idealization is quite normal, but you have to expect to be a little disenchanted when the cold shower of reality comes. It is precisely at this moment that you will be able to judge if you will really grow old together. At the very beginning of the relationship, this or that defect observed in one or the other is “cute”. This is what characterizes it!

Over time, these defects begin to annoy until they become unbearable. If you, or your partner, tell yourself that you’re not going to put up with this all your life, it’s because the question of growing old or not together doesn’t even arise. Aging can cause anxiety and worry, even suffering. It is a very good sign if you imagine yourself capable of facing together this passage of life where many worries, including those of illness, appear.

Some signs are unequivocal

Something in particular appealed to you about your partner, and vice versa. This something can be her beauty, her personality, her social status, her elegance… whatever. The question is: when what seduced you comes to disappear or change, will you keep your commitment? If you or he or she aren’t ready to “love anyway or anyway,” then you’re unlikely to grow old together. Having children, raising them together and having grandchildren… is the project of many couples. If you don’t see this or have a consensual approach to the subject, aging together will be complicated.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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