It is usually not easy to live with an unstable person. However, this does not mean that all difficult people are unstable. The psychologist and clinical sexologist, Sébastien Garnero, gives some clues to find out if your partner is subject to psychic and emotional instability. “Any person can present a certain instability and fluctuations in their mood depending on the circumstances, the different contexts of life”, explains the psychologist.

The first sign to determine if a person is unstable is their constant mood swings. Here, we are not talking about bipolarity. “Unstable people have difficulty in emotional regulation and are prey to strong emotions without filters,” says the professional. Of course, inappropriate, intense and above all frequent anger is a hallmark of instability. To this, we will also add impulsive reactions. “Unstable people often stand out for their impulsive reactions. For those close to them, it’s sometimes difficult to live with”, still according to Sébastien Garnero.

A communication and stability problem

The instability of the person will necessarily have an impact on his life, especially in love. Indeed, according to the psychologist Sébastien Garnero, an unstable person has difficulty maintaining lasting and healthy relationships. Communication at the couple level is also a major problem for her. In addition to the fact that she does not know how to communicate with her partner, she also tends to dramatize.

In addition, if your partner is unstable, he will be possessive and will like to take power in the couple. Not to mention the lack of empathy that is pervasive. The specialist, Sébastien Garnero, also explains that an unstable person is the manipulative type.

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