According to a study conducted by the American school Harvard, about 10 to 17% of men are subject to depression at least once in their life. Unfortunately, these gentlemen have a hard time talking about it. Consequence: it is sometimes more difficult for them to find suitable treatments. This makes it easier for you to spot signs that your partner may be suffering from depression. Already physically: indeed, the retained emotions can cause physical pain, such as headaches, pain in the back or in the chest. A drastic change in weight can also be a sign of depression.

You can also monitor their level of interest in certain activities, such as their work or hobbies. A deep lack of interest can manifest itself and can reflect the onset of depression. A depressed man can also show those around him how tired he is. A lack of concentration can also be signs of real discomfort in your significant other. Do not hesitate to ask your partner how he feels. If the latter too often evokes dark subjects, such as death or suicide, you must seek help from a specialist.

“Men actually take more risks”

You should also know that a man in depression will want to cause some conflicts with those around him. “In a recent American study, it was discovered that there is no gap between the number of suicides committed by women and men. When we look at the data provided by a polling institute, we discover that the men actually take more risks, use more narcotics and behave more aggressively” than women, reads an article published by Wikihow.

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