You may be with a misogynistic mate without knowing it. The thing is, when you’re in love, your partner’s flaws can go unnoticed. It is also not uncommon for us to condone them when they are not too serious or when they do not affect our person. A misogynistic partner is often someone violent in word and/or action. She’s someone who doesn’t hesitate to put you down just because you’re a woman.

The misogynist needs to take control and often uses the worst means such as verbal abuse or emotional blackmail. The misogynist may hate women, but on the one hand, he also needs them and not just any. The misogynist often dates the most beautiful. The thing is, he needs validation from other men and those around him. This is someone who has no self-confidence. And yet, the way he treats the woman he has managed to seduce really leaves something to be desired.

The misogynist’s interest in women is paradoxical

The relationship of the misogynist with the woman is quite paradoxical. He thinks the woman is a trophy. He makes every effort to seduce her. But once the “good” is acquired, he becomes a completely different man, toxic and imposing who has no esteem for you. He doesn’t lack compliments when he seduces you, but bombards you with blame sometime after you’re together. Moreover, as soon as the opportunity arises, the misogynist is someone who does not hesitate to blame you. You risk always being wronged in a relationship with a misogynist.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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