More or less explicit signs can reveal your partner’s infidelity. When he or she is never reachable, he or she already has something to arouse your suspicion. But when he or she becomes less and less available when you were doing almost everything together, it is very likely that something is wrong. This kind of change in behavior is very revealing, as is the sudden motivation of someone who returns to sport when for years he or she was fond of his love handles or his curves. Ditto for someone who suddenly cares about their physical appearance.

Among other explicit signs betraying the infidel, his determination to protect his private life at all costs. If for any pretext or by any subterfuge you are unable to access his text messages or his discussions on social networks, it is up to you to see if you will still give him the benefit of the doubt. In the event that you are unable to obtain any proof of his infidelity, a little digging into his romantic past may give you some answers. You will have the opportunity to verify if the adage “who cheated will cheat” is true, at least for the case of your partner.

When he or she does too much to hide his game

Have you noticed that for some time your partner has been more cuddly than usual? It is likely that he or she has things to be forgiven. This kind of behavior can also betray a feeling of guilt. It’s as if he or she wanted to redeem a behavior, but without directly admitting his slippage. A cheating person can also suddenly find an exacerbated libido. Finally, among other diversionary strategies, there is false accusation. To try to clear himself of suspicion, your partner could also accuse you of being unfaithful.

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