It is very easy to fall into the nets of a psychopathic partner. Among the characteristics of this kind of partner, the most formidable are their manipulative, seductive and dominant side. Manipulation is omnipresent in a two-person relationship with a psychopath. Right from the start, your partner will be raving about you, saying whatever you want to hear. He will go so far as to compliment your weaknesses. Difficult childhood, painful separations, family problems… if you have the misfortune to confide your stories to a psychopath, he will make them his own.

He will convince you that you are so made for each other, because he too has been through the same things, he shares your pain. And here you are caught in the trap of his well-crafted arguments about the existence of soul mates. A psychopath doesn’t just want to get your full attention, they have a knack for generating pity in you. He will tell you how unfair life, fate and its other partners before you were. He will put you on a pedestal. You are the person – as hurt as he is – that providence or heaven has put in his way so that you both can finally know happiness.

The psycho partner plays with your emotions

Throughout your relationship, the psychopath will not stop manipulating you. With him, the somersaults are always great, the compliments and the little attentions rain down… but overnight, all this can suddenly end. Once your psychopathic partner has managed to tame you and make you addicted to him, you will taste one of his worst traits: his phenomenal insensitivity. If you try to leave it at this time, two options will present themselves. If he doesn’t want you to leave him, he will beg you to stay, asking for your pity. If he doesn’t want you anymore, he will try to make you feel guilty and blame you for the separation.

Psychopath © Pixabay

Lara T.
Lara T.

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