Being in a relationship does not necessarily mean that the relationship is serious. Besides, some men don’t want a lasting relationship at all. The first sign that determines his seriousness is the direction he takes when talking to you. For relationships that started virtually, if your partner prefers long hours of chatting without asking to see you, then he doesn’t want anything serious. Here he seeks more support and attention rather than the responsibilities of a romantic relationship.

His way of asking you to go out with him is also a distinctive sign. If the request to date you has ever been vague, then you need to ask yourself some questions. “See you for the weekend?”. If it all started with this type of question without specific plans, then there is something fishy going on. Basically, he just wants to keep you on hand and leave the door open for others.

He lives in the future and does not concretize the present

A person who makes a lot of plans without the necessary effort also does not want anything serious. Generally, this type of person likes to give importance to themselves. Only, we must not forget that a relationship advances more with actions than with words in the air.

Of course, if your partner still hasn’t introduced you to family and friends, then the question of seriousness doesn’t even arise. In general, if the relationship is serious, he or she will have introduced you to his or her circle of friends or family at least within the first two months of the relationship.

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