Often, we only realize that we are with someone selfish after a while. A selfish partner can be particularly toxic because they won’t allow you to develop fully. Several signs make it possible to recognize a selfish partner in a couple. On the other hand, if you recognize these signs in yourself, you may be the selfish person in the story. The selfish partner controls your life. He imposes many rules so that you can meet his expectations. The rules are intended to achieve goals he has set without consulting you.

It is indeed very unlikely that he asked your opinion since a selfish partner does not have the time and especially not the desire to listen to you. And yet, when it comes to his opinions or his concerns, he is the first to remind you that listening and communication are essential in a relationship. You nod silently because he is right. On the other hand, a selfish partner is a person who loves and who always wants to be right. In a couple, it should no longer be a question of “he or she”, “you and him”, at least not all the time. For a selfish partner, it is never about us, joint projects, consensual decision-making, etc.

When your partner’s selfishness goes a long way

Manifestations of one’s selfishness can really go a long way. Among other things, your partner can always criticize what you do, the few decisions you can make, your family or your friends. Emotional blackmail can also be a sign of extreme selfishness. This type of partner may threaten to break up with you when they don’t even mean to. A selfish partner can sabotage your success in your professional life. He doesn’t want to feel inferior at all.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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