To have a relationship with a hyperactive person is to accept being alone, to be relegated to the background. The reason for this is that the hyperactive is someone who is always busy. He is someone who is ready to join a party, go on vacation, leave the country on a whim. A hyperactive, you can recognize him by his outfit. To be ready for any eventuality, the hyperactive prefers the all-purpose and comfortable look. This does not mean that his look is sloppy.

By his character, you can easily recognize a hyperactive. If your new partner is someone who gets very bored when they’re not doing anything, chances are they’re hyperactive. Within the couple, do not expect outpourings of feeling or long hours of hugging on the couch watching your favorite movie. He won’t go 30 minutes without your date or night out being disturbed by the call of one of his several friends he can’t say no to.

New hyperactive partner: the three signs that do not lie

You can no longer count how many friends he has in his list. Some of them do not hesitate to invite themselves to your table while you are in the middle of a romantic date. The thing is, your partner invited them. Does your new partner ever look you in the eye? This is typical of the hyperactive! He is busy scanning his surroundings.

Finally, if your new partner never arrives on time for your appointments and if he only has time to devote to you very late in the evening, it is because he always has a very busy day. . The day of the hyperactive is loaded with other last-minute appointments.

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Lara T.
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