In the quest for a soul mate, we are likely to come across the people most to flee from. Among them are pushy people who will not bring anything into your life, but will demand a lot from you. If you have never known love out of interest, this is the kind of partner you will experience it. An upstart partner is very easily recognized by his impeccably dressed look. If your new partner is more flirtatious than you and spends a lot of time admiring themselves in the mirror, chances are they’re an upstart.

An upstart is someone who always has a plan in mind. He is in constant expectation of his opportunity of the century. He is particularly keen on the perfection of his physical appearance, not to try to please you, but to feed his ego. The upstart is imbued with his person and is of a pretension rarely equaled. In an upstart’s concept of love and life together, there is no “we”. There’s only for him when he needs you and your attention. The upstart ticks all the boxes of the perfect egoist.

A pushy partner is using you

If your new partner never has time for you, he spends most of his time working and following his plan. The upstart doesn’t like you and has no feelings of attachment for anyone. If he is with you, you surely have something that can be used for his quest. Above all, you should not expect this kind of partner to listen to you. No effort to establish a long-term relationship is to be expected from your partner if he is an upstart. You are surely a necessary step in his social ascent.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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