A fulfilling sex life is one of the signs of a great romantic relationship. If sexual relations do not satisfy one of the partners, the situation can deteriorate over time. To prevent the couple from falling apart due to problems under the duvet, there are more or less easy signs to detect when your spouse no longer takes pleasure in your antics. If this one always immediately takes action and botches the preliminaries, there is something to ask you questions.

If for him sexual intercourse has become mechanical, only one position each time and until the end of each coitus, it is because he has probably lost the pleasure of making love to you. What happens after sex? If your man doesn’t comment, immediately turns his back on you, or immediately does something else, like running straight to the bathroom, there’s reason to think that having sex with you isn’t going to please him at all. enjoyed.

He thinks only of himself during the antics

It is easy for you to notice that your spouse does not make love to you as before. The antics have become opportunities for him to unload his sexual tensions. He may also make love to you just out of habit and to avoid arousing suspicion. When you feel that your partner no longer thinks of satisfying your desires, it is a sign that he does not really want to make love to you. As he is no longer motivated, your man no longer makes any effort to know and even less to satisfy your desires.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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