Unfortunately, being the victim of a narcissistic pervert is not the only form of toxic relationship. Moreover, in addition to “icing” or even “ghostlighting”, there is also this toxic love tendency which is “cushioning”. What is that ? In fact, it is “the art of flirting while we are in a relationship”. Here, the predators want to make sure they have a plan B if their relationship ever goes downhill.

As you will have understood, the goal of the other is to build a life as a couple while flirting with other people at the same time. This is to avoid being alone. If we refer to the Urban Dictionary, “cushining” translates as “cushion” or “shock absorber”. The first sign is clearly the fact that the other person is already in a relationship. He just wants to bounce back and finish with you if that doesn’t work out. “By playing on this fear, you are already setting yourself up for failure because you are thinking about the end of the relationship,” says American sex therapist Gigi Engle. Suffice to say, being a spare wheel does not necessarily appeal.

Cushioning is not necessarily infidelity

Relationship expert Tennesha Wood says cushioning doesn’t have to be cheating. “You’re not necessarily cheating on your partner physically, but you’re engaging in ambiguous behavior with someone else and your current partner doesn’t know about it,” she explains.

This type of behavior is usually seen in people who lack self-confidence, according to psychologist Jennifer Rhodes. “That would be what people who aren’t really confident do. You can’t really fall in love if you’re not ready to be hurt. This phenomenon is for people who aren’t ready for the real thing. love“, she explained in the columns of Bustle.

Couples: these signs that show that you are a victim of “cushioning” © Pexels

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