The first mistake in a relationship is to associate feelings with sex life. Indeed, it is quite possible that you share a reciprocal love with your partner while you are sexually incompatible. Note that performance in bed is also not indicative of your sexual compatibility. Sexual incompatibility is a mismatch between your preferences and those of your partner. Some couples have a poor or even non-existent sex life. Yet they stay together and seem to be happy. This is the exact definition of “sexual incompatibility”.

“We can speak of dissatisfaction and therefore of sexual incompatibility when the two people do not have the same expectations in bed”, explains psychoanalyst and sex therapist, Valentina Bracciale. A discrepancy that may be due to a disagreement on the frequency where you make love or even fantasies. We must not forget that everyone has their preferences in bed. “If one of the two wants to try BDSM and not the other, for example”, according to the specialist.

You give yourself solo pleasure

The fact of preferring solitary pleasures compared to a moment of intimate pleasures for two is also a flagrant sign of sexual incompatibility. Having fun solo isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless it happens very frequently. “If your partner never makes you come, there may be a problem,” says Valentina Bracciale. The other sign to consider is rhythm. Never wanting to make love at the same time is often a bad sign.

Couples: these signs that show that you are sexually incompatible © Pexels

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