It takes time, a long time for some, to recover from a painful breakup. To skip the stage of painful mourning for the loss of a loved one, we may tend to look for the easy solution, our consolation prize. To heal the wounds of a more or less recent separation, this is the role of the dressing partner. A bandage relationship is thus the relationship that follows a painful breakup. She aims to fill the void left by her ex. A band-aid relationship is usually not lasting. It is also a transitional relationship.

“Generally, the person who turns to a bandage relationship seeks to forget their ex, fill their loneliness, clear their minds or even bring up their self-esteem lost with the breakup”, explains psychologist Estelle Becquet quoted by Cosmopolitan. Although this is not always the case, very often this kind of relationship is thankless for the dressing partner. The fact is that reciprocity, at least the genuine one, is not always present in this kind of relationship. How to recognize a bandage relationship?

The 4 signs betraying a bandage relationship

There are signs to tell if you are in a band-aid relationship. The first sign is obvious: you have recently experienced a breakup. If in addition you are still comparing your new relationship with your ex, it means that you have not yet checked the box of mourning. In a desperate hope of getting over your ex, you idealize the new person. And finally, if you can’t really project yourself into your new relationship, it’s probably a bandage relationship.

Couples: these signs that show that you are in a bandage relationship

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